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Piles Treatment - Hernia Treatment - Laser Piles - Laser for Veins - Breast Cancer Screening - Lumps and Bumps - Thyroid Diseases - Colon Cancer Screening

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The foundation of most demanding hair transplantation and PRP hair therapy in Dubai was laid by the Director of CMC Dr. Murtuza Bandukwala. The strong passion and dedication of initiative of CMC Dr. Murtuza Bandukwala is recognized and appreciated world widely and people from all over the world come Dubai to treat themselves. CMC and Dr. Murtuza Bandukwala is the pride for Dubai.

Initially, people have to go abroad for experiencing PRP Treatment or hair transplantation but with CMC it is now possible to get hair transplant with international standards in Dubai. CMC has been serving people since 2000 and has paved its way in the major States of UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Our CMC is being run by adept surgeons and dermatologist specialist under great care and complete attention with standardized equipments and methods. In the experience of years, CMC has performed thousands of treatments.

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Dr. Murtaza is a Post graduate from the prestigious Kasturba Hospital, Manipal. He has worked under one of the doyens and founders of Laparoscopic Surgery in India, Padmashri Dr. P.K. Chowbey at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, where he performed a wide array of advanced laparoscopic surgery including advanced Bariatric surgery. He is great with all basic and advanced laparoscopic procedures. Over the last 8 years, Dr. Murtaza has been practicing at a highly reputed private hospital in Dubai where he has further honod and perfected his surgical skills. He has developed special interest in to the practice of proctology and has been offering various difference modalities of treatment for all proctology disorders including piles, fissures and fistula. Besides this he has been specifically trained to perform all kinds of Laparoscopic Hernia surgeries. He has also trained in surgical Gastroenterology at the prestigious KEM Hospital, Mumbai where he has mastered his upper and lower GI Endoscopy skills.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids (Piles)

By middle age, almost half of all adults in the Dubai, UAE have had to deal with hemorrhoids at one time or another. The condition usually is signaled by itching, discomfort and bleeding. If blood pools in an external hemorrhoid, it may form a clot, called a thrombus. This condition can result in severe pain and inflammation. Other symptoms include:

  • Irritation and swelling in your anal area
  • Associated pain
  • A sensitive or painful lump near your anus
  • Painless bleeding that leaves bright red blood on tissue or in the bowl during bowel movements
  • Leaking feces